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Welcome, artists!


Please refer to text below regarding the Downtown Santa Monica "Artist Alley" project.







Artist Alley is a project of Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. (DTSM) to re-envision the visual landscape and use of alleyways by transforming mundane back-of-building doors into art installations using images of preexisting artwork


  • All deliverables will be done through email or a shared Dropbox account.


  • Rather than commissioning specific artworks, we are asking for images of new or existing artworks.

  • Artist is not responsible for installation or maintenance of artwork. We are just asking for images! All artists will be credited on promotional materials and informational plaques next to each alley door installation.


  • The applied material product will be in vinyl. Photographic images of all artistic mediums are acceptable (i.e. painting, photography, sculptural, etc.).


  • Each artist has the opportunity to submit up to four (4) images for this project. Images must fit one of the following door sizes:

    • a 36” x 84” single door.

    • a 72” x 84” double door.


  • Each image should be cropped by the artist upon submission to fit the aforementioned formats. Some additional cropping may be necessary during installation to fit specific locations and conditions, such as door handles or peepholes.


  • Compensation for the use of submitted artwork will be $500 per image, per door location. The $500 stipend will be for image use only and will not assume any ownership of the original artwork.


  • Images must be submitted via email or Dropbox (email nick@downtownsm.com for submissions or link to Dropbox). Images should be submitted at up to 300 dpi and sent in a file no larger than 10MB total.


  • DTSM and building owners/sponsors will be given access to the Dropbox catalog to select images for the Alley Gallery on a rolling/ongoing basis. Those selected to participate will be required to submit a signed Artist Contract (contract to be emailed out after artwork has been chosen for installation).


  • Once selected for installation, DTSM will require a tenth scale, 750-1000 dpi version of the image for production and application to be completed by a DTSM-hired third-party vendor. Selected images will be removed from the catalog Dropbox catalog and may be replaced, by the Artist, with another image for future consideration.​​


  • Once images are submitted, accepted for inclusion in the Dropbox catalog, and applied to the alley doors, they may be used in non-commercial promotion of the Alley Gallery program. The Artist will be credited by name in any such promotion.


  • DTSM reserves the right to accept or reject any artwork submitted for inclusion in this program.


  • Do not submit images that you do not own or cannot provide a high-resolution photograph of.




Questions? Nick Efron, Downtown Santa Monica, Public Space Manager

310.393.8355 | nick@downtownsm.com


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